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Neely Factory

Often referred to as Neely Factor, this was a man of distinction in the Choctaw Nation. Factor was born in the Choctaw Nation, and was the son of Collin Factor and Mahala Factor. He was the husband of Eva Wade and they had many children who lived in the vicinity of Krebs, Indian Territory, in the Choctaw Nation.

During his career as a lawman, Neely Factory made many of his captures with Zeke Miller and Robert Fortune. Although they did not work as a "trio" often when a posse was formed, deputies would work together to capture a suspect. Many times his captives were taken to Macalester where they were held until removal of the prisoners to Ft. Smith.

Factory was said to have been one of the earlier peace officers that served in the Territory. Historian Art Burton notes that Factory often worked in posses, but that he also was known to stake out an outlaw for several days at a time, to capture a suspect. Neely Factor was assigned to work in the town of Carbon, I.T., but at the time he applied for citizenship as a Choctaw Freedman, he and his family resided in Krebs.

There was some concern by the Dawes Commission over the surname of the family, but it was emphasized by the family that the name was Factory and the family was recorded in the Choctaw records as Factory.

Neely Factor's service as an early lawman of Indian Territory is noted and his distinguished record was one of capturing his man.