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The Roster of Soldiers Who Enlisted in the 11th US Colored Infantry
Abbo, Sunum
Abbott, Fayette
Abbott, Jacob
Abbott, Milton
Abbot, Wm.
Abby, Isaac
Adams, Amos
Adams, Arthur
Adams, Henry
Adams, Simon
Adams, Thomas
Adams, Wm.
Addison, Jesse
Addison, Sandy
Addison, Thomas
Aiken, Emanuel
Aiken, John
Aiken, William
Aikens, Richard
Airs, Coon
Akels, Antony
Akels, Booker
Albert, Tonnly
Alberty, Aron
Alexander, Alonzo
Alexander, Charles
Alexander, David
Alexander, George
Alexander, Joseph
Alexander, Stephen
Alford, Elijah
Alston, Charles R.
Anderson, David
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, James
Anderson Ransom
Anderson Theodore
Anthony, Weathers
Arbaugh, Addison
Arbaugh, Carter
Arbaugh, Harrison
Arbaugh, Madison
Arbaugh, Scott
Arbuckle, Stephen
Arnold, George
Atkins, Irwin
Bailey, Jacob
Bailey, Martin
Bailey, Samuel
Baily, Fate
Baily Garbmal
Baird, Enza
Baker, Benjamin
Baker, John H.
Baldwin, Abraham
Banks, George W.
Barker, Peter
Barmer Tobia
Baxton, Felix
Beasly, Jacob
Bell, Frederick
Bench, George
Berket, Nathaniel
Bernard, James
Bernard, Roger
Bernard, Ruffin
Bernard, William
Berney, Tony
Berny, Robert
Berry, Thomas
Biggers, Edward
Biggs, Harry
Binam, Enoch
Binana, Gilpin
Birgit, Theodrick
Bischoff, Peter
Black, Edmond
Black, John
Black, Nathaniel
Blackburn, Archie
Blackburn, Jerry
Blackburn, Lewis
Blackman, Cyrus
Blackman, David
Blackwater, Thomas
Bladis, Robert
Blake, Henry
Blane, Lewis
Bogan, Doctor
Boone, Washington
Boswell, Edward
Bowen, Nelson
Bradley, Benjamin
Bradley, Thomas
Brady, Marshall
Bramlett, Noah
Branch, Samuel
Branch, William
Brayden, Phililp
Brazelton, William A.
Breedlow, George
Brewer, Berry
Brewer, John Wesley
Brewer, Thomas
Bridges, James
Briggs, Clark
Brinkruff, Samuel
Brinton, Caleb
Brion, George
Brittman, Henry
Brittman, Joseph
Broaden, Jack
Brooks, Abner
Brooks, Abram
Brooks, Crockett
Brooks, Maria
Brooks, Stephen
Brown, Milton
Brown, Owen
Brown, Rice W.
Brown, Robert
Brown, Solomon
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Wesley
Brown, William
Brown, Young
Brownley, James
Bruce, Jame
Bruce, Robert
Bruman, Solomon
Bruner, Frederick
Brunson, Ralph
Bruson, William
Bryant, Elijah
Bryant, Isaac
Bucanan, Brown
Buchanan, John
Buchanon, Miles
Buck Willis
Buckanan, William
Bucker, John
Buckingham, Samuel
Buckner, Charles
Buford, Jerry
Buford, Solomon
Bulford, Jackson
Bunch, Henry
Burden, John
Burghes, John
Burkit, Nathan
Burnett, John
Burnett, Joseph
Burns, William
Butler, John
Bynum, Enoch
Bynum, Townse
Bynum, Wilson
Cacy, Elbert
Cacy, Green
Caffee, Morton
Caldwell, Edward
Calwell, William
Campbell, Henry
Carden, Nelson
Careutchie, William
Carlile, Gabriel
Carpenter, Adam
Carr, William
Carrington, Samuel
Carroll, Madison
Carroll, Simpson
Carroll, William
Carry, Robinson
Carson, Albert
Carson, Delos
Carter, Alfred
Carter, Robert
Caruitchie, Abner
Caruther, Abraham
Caruther, Adam
Caruthers, Calvin
Caruthers, Daniel
Caruther, Hans
Caruthers, Henry
Caruther, Lee
Caruthers, Louis
Caruthers, Nelson
Caruthers, Samuel
Casey, Green
Cason, Hardin
Cason, Samuel
Catron, Adam
Catron, Hudson
Cavin, John A.
Cavin, Pery
Chairs, Peter
Chalmers, John
Chaney, William Thomas
Chanley, Jefferson
Chanvian, Charles F.
Chapple, Paddy
Circuit, Madison
Clanton Benjamin
Clanuch, Anderson
Cloud, William
Colwell, William
Conger, Henry
Conner, William
Connor, George
Connor, Robert
Cook, James
Cook, Jube
Coon, William
Coons, William
Cornitchie, ABner
Correll, Pleasant
Correll, William
Costell, Joseph
Cothel, Eli
Cox, Daniel
Cox, Jonas
Craddick Richard
Crane, Thomas
Cravens, Adison
Crawley, Samuel
Croddis, Richard
Cunigan, Harrison
Cunningham, Joseph
Curlet, George
Curlet, John
Curlett, Robert
Custell, Robert
Dabbs (Dobbs), Jacob
Dabbs, (Dobbs) John
Dacey, Benjamin, F
Daniels, Abram
Daniels, Henry
Daniels, Jordan
Davenport, Albert
Davis, Elijah
Davis, John
Dawcy, Benjamin