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Part 2 11th USCT
Dawson, Aikin
Dayrick, ricahrd
Dennis, Isaac
Dickey, Nelson
Dicus, Isaac
Dillar, Martin
Dix, Henry
Dobbs, Isaac
Dobbs, Jeff
Dobson, Benjamin
Dobson, REuben
Dobson, Spain
Docey, Benjanin F.
Dockery, stephen
Dodd, Harry
Dodge, Jonas G.
Dodson, James
Dodson, Samuel
Donalson, CHarles
Donolson, Amanuel
Dotson, Robert
Dougherty, George
Douglass, Robert
Dowdy, Jesse
Duncan, Jerry
Duncan, John
Dunlap, Joseph
Dunn, Alexander
Dunn, Isaac
Durham, Joseph
Easley, T homas
Edwards, Henry
Edwards, Perry
Elder, Monroe
Ellis, Joseph
Ellis, Martin
Enfield, Thadeus
Evans, Isaac
Evans, John
Evens, Isaac
Evens, John
Fagg, Alford
Falkner, Jacob
Falkner, James
Fanatis, John
Fassett, John
Faughner, James,
Faulkner, Charles
Fine, Joseph
Fogg, Alford
Folkner, Hardy
Ford, Henry
Ford, Monroe
Fort, James,
Foprtson, Henry
Foster, Lee
Foster, REese
Franklin, Brice
Franklin, Chas.
Franklin, William
Freeman, James H.
Fulse, Boswell,
Fultz, Cyrus
Furgison, Thomas
Gaddis, Thomas
Gadlin, Elim
Gaines, Henry
Gaines, Wallace
Galaspi, Albert
Galaspi, Charles
Galaspi, Henry
Galaspi, James
Galaspi, Peter
Galaspi, William
Gardner, Mathew
Garl, Harrison
Garner, Mathew
Garl, Harrison
Garner, Henry
Gerner, Peter
Gaerrett, Dorsey
Gates, Nathan
Gates, William
Gentry, Henry
Gibson, Isaac
Gilbroth, Burten
Gilges, James W.
Gilges, James W.
Gill, Monroe
Gilpatrick, Ernestus P.
Gilmore, Henry
Gilmore, Thomas
Golden, Antony
Gooden, Nelson
Grace, Thomas
Gray. John T.
Grear, Jeff
Grearson, Horrace
Green, Abram
Green, Benjamin
Breen, Burrell
Green, George
Green, harrison
Green, Henry
Green Jackson
Green Jacob
Green, Robert
Green, Roland,
Greene, Benjamin
Greer, Anthony
Greer, Dotson
Greer, Harrison
Greer, Thomas
Greer, Thomas
Griffen, Henry
Griffen Clendenin
Griffin, Jesse
Griffith, Franklin
Griffy, Franklin
Grundy, Felix
Hagans, James
Hainey, Gilex
Hainey, Samuel
Hainey, Thomas
Hainery, William
Hall, Robert
Ham, Shadrick
Hamilton, Dick
Hamilton, Nelson
Hampton, Peter
Haney, Albert
Haney, Nathan
Hardeman, Madison
Hardgrave, John
Hardiman, Eli
Harris, Nathan
Harris, Oliver
Harris, William
Harrison, Aaron
Harrison, Edmund
Harrison, William
Harvey, John W.
Haskins, Robert
Haverson, Samuel
Hawfoot, Isaac
Hawkins, Samuel
Hawkins, Simon
Hayes, Benjamin
Hayes, Isaac
Hayes, John
Hayes, Lewis
Hayes, Martin
Hayes, Nelson
Hayes, Noah
Hayes, Ransom
Hayes, Thomas
Hayes, William
Henry, Charles
Henry, Condra
Henry, James
Henry, William
Herald, Harriosn
Herd, Nelson
Heuston, John
Higgins, Philip
HIghtower, Lewis
Hipolite, William W.
Hodge, Charles
Hogan, Calvin
Hogan, Thomas
Hollens, Stephen
Hood, George
Horton, Willis
Howard, ANdrew
Howard, Jacob
Howard, Martin
Howard, Richard
Howell, Asa
Howell, Benjamin
Howell, Green
Howell, Jacob
Howell, Richard
Howell, Virgil
Hulbert, Stephen
Hunter, Silas
Hutchison, Harrison
Ingram, George W.
Jackaway, Peter
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, George
Jackson, John
James, Henry
James, Jacob
James, William H.
Jeens, Winfrey
Jefferson, Henry
Jefferson, Lewis
Jenkins, John
Johnson, Dennis
Johnson, Harrison
Johnson, Hiram
Johnson, John
Johnson, Joseph
Jonaker, Mathew
Jones, William H.
Jordan, Andrew
Jordan, Jackson
Jordan, John
Jordan, Orange
Joslyn, Andrew J.
Jourdan, John
Judy, George
Judy, George
Junior, Robert
Kazant, Jordan
Keith, Charles
Kempton Willard C.
Kendall, Reese P.
Kenichett, Peter
Kern William C.
Kethrell, Allen
Key, Joseph
Keye, Charles
Keys, John
Kibbey, Louis
Kilby, Lewis
Lane, Samuel
Langlin, Andrew
Lanoso, Jacob
Lansford, Willis
Lark, Thomas
Lee, Alfred
Lee, Andrew
Lee, Burt
Lee, Charles J.
Lee, John
Lee, Pearson
Legget, Spencer
Legget, Willis
Leon, Andrew
Leonard, William
Lester, David
Levi, Samuel
Lewis, Anderson