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Upper Township Ft. Smith, Arkansas 1870
This listing consists of the African Americans enumerated in Sebastian County Arkansas, Ft. Smith in the census year 1870. The names are listed in the order in which they appeared on the Federal Census. Some names will appear alone but that does not indicate that they lived alone. In many of these cases such persons lived in a white household as a servant or indentured person. Each entry will include: Last name, First Name, Age, Gender, Race, Occupation (if listed) and Birthplace.

Buro, Arthur 1, Male Black, Tennessee

Morton, Carolina, 50, Female Black, Keeps House, Tennessee
Brown, Louis 31, Male Black Teamster, Texas
Brown, Martha 28, Female, Black Keeps House, So. Carolina

Bonner,Minerva 50 Female Black, Keeps House, Tennessee
Bonner, John 22 Male, Black, Com. Laborer, Tennessee
Bonner, Ellen 21 Female Black , Tennessee
Bonner, Robert 14, Male, Black, Texas
Bonner, Chas 11 male, Black Texas
Bonner, Louis 10, Male, Black Texas
Bonner Jno. R. 6 Male, Black, Texas

Lewis, Chas, 50 Male Black Com Laborer, Virginia
Lewis, Matilda 45, Female, Black, Keeps House, Tennessee
Lewis, Mary 22 Female, Black, Tennessee
Lewis, Reuben 10, Male Black, Arkansas
Lewis, John 6, Male Black, Arkansas
Lewis, Martha 2 mo. Female Black, Arkansas

Thornton, George, 35 Male, Black, Com laborer, Virginia
Thornton, Susan, 25 Female, Black Keeps House, Tennessee

Heming, Nancy 50, Female, Black, Dom. Servant, Virginia
Brown, Alex 11 Male, Black, Dom Servant, Arkansas

Reid, Martin 11, Male, Black Dom. Servant, Arkansas

Cook Ann 39, Female, Black, Keeps House, So. Carolina

Smith, Lucinda 17, Female, Black Keeps House, Texas
Smith, James 3mo. Male, Black, Arkansas

Robinson, Wm. 46 Male, Black, Farmer, Virginia
Robinson, Martha 26 Female, Black, Keeps House, Tennessee
Robinson, Jno. W. 5, Male, Black, Texas
Robinson, James Robt 4, Male, Black, Texas
Robinson, George 7mo. Male Black, Arkansas

Evans, John 25, Male, Black, Farm Laborer, Kentucky

French, Samil, 43 Male, Black, Farm Laborer, Arkansas
French, Ellen 24, Female, Keeps House, Missouri

Bowland, Henry 17, Male, Black, Com. Laborer, Arkansas

Fields, Doc 28, Male, Black, Farm Hand, Tennessee
Fields, Fanny 22, Female Ind., Keeps House, Cherokee Nation
Fields, Mary 2, Female, Black, Arkansas
Fields, Ida 5 mo, Female, Black, Arkansas
Rowland, Abe 20 Male, Black, Cherokee Nation

Flowery, Henry 60 Male, Black, Works on Farm Tennessee
Bell, Frank 21, Male, Black, Works on Farm ,Virginia

Nelson, Spenar 35, Male, Black, Faarm hand, Virginia
Nelson, ? 35. <A;E. Black, Farm Hand, Virginia
Nelson, Mary 19 Female, Black, Keeps House, Virginia

Scales, Jacob 60, male, Black, Farm Hand, Virginia
Scales, Mary 50, Female, Black, Keeps House, Virginia
Edwards, Peter 60, Male, Black, Farm Hand, Virginia
Edwards, Saml. 20 Male, Black, Farm Hand, Tennessee
Smith, Sanders 22, Male, Black, Farm Hand, Arkansas

Woods, Chas. 27 Male, Black, Farm Hand
Woods, Martha 22 Female, Black, Keeps House
Woods, Lucy 1 Female, Black, Arkansas
Hardgraves, Hanna 12, Female, Black, Arkansas

Lyon, Robt. 30, Male, Black, Farm Hand, Virginia
Lyon, Ellen 27 Female, Black, Farm Hand, Virginia
Lyon, Elija 1mo. Male, Black, Arkansas
Lyon, Eliza Ann 8 , Female Black, Arkansas

Haynes, Mary 35 Female, Black, Dom. Servant, Georgia
Haynes, Thos. 5 Male, Black, Aarkansas

Haynes, Geo. 1 Male, Black, Arkansas
Green, Edwd 20 Male, Black, Farm Hand, Arkansas
Carter, Tels(?) 25 Male, Black, Farm Hand, Arkansas
Smith, Max 18 Male, Black, Arkansas

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