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Ft. Smith Arkansas, 1870 Black Population--Ward 1

Himes, Ann 21, Female, Black Dom. Servant Arkansas
Himes, William 1, Male, Black, Arkansas

Williams, Fannie 19, Female, Black Keeps house, Tennessee
McGee, Sarah 36, Female, Black, Keeps House Arkansas

Logan, Isaac 35 Female, Black, Keeper Rest., Virginia

Crawford, Hanna 30 Female, Black, Dom. Servant, Arkansas

Crawford, Henrietta 28, Female, Black, Dom. Servant, Arkansas
Scales, Henry 29, Male, Black, Barber, Arkansas

Allen, Peggy 51, Female, Black, Keeps House, No. Carolina
Allen, Charles, 15 male, Black, At Home, Arkansas
Mitchell, James 25 Male, Black, Hotel Waiter, Virginia
Mitchell, Hanna 24 Female, Black, Keeps House Arkansas
Watson, Shelton Shelton 22 Male, Black Farm Laborer, Georgia
Watson, Belle 21 Female, Black, Keeps House, Arkansas
Watson, James, 3, Male, Black, Arkansas
Van, Kate 30 Female, Black, Keeps House, Choctaw Nation
Van J.S. 12 Male, Black, At Home Choctaw Nation
Van, Sam'l Male, Black, At Home, Choctaw Nation

Perricks, Stephen 40 male, Black, Farm, Laborer, No. Carolina
Perricks, Matilda 50 Female, Black, Keeps House Georgia
Washington Jerry 32 Male, Mulatto, Huckster, Louisiana
Washington Hattie 65 Female, Mulatto, Keeps House, Missouri
West, Eliza 15 Female, Black, At Home, Texas

King, Solomon 30 Male, Black, Farm Laborer, Tennessee
King, Amanda 20 Female, Black, Keeping House, Kentucky
King, Nathan 1 Male, Black, Arkansas

Green, Polder 60 Male, Black, (Crippled), Georgia
Green, Lucinda 42 Female, Black, Keeps House, No. Carolina
Green, Phillip 15 15, male, Black, Mast. in Rest. Choctaw Nation
Green, William 2, Male, Black, Arkansas

Marshal, Sevina 45 Female, Black
Marshal, Rosina 15 Female, Black, At Home
Marshal, Isaac 9 Male, Black, At Home
Kane, William 30 Male, Mulatto. Steambt. Stew. , Virginia
Kane, Julia 25, Female, Mulatto, Keeps House
Kane, Dan'l 3 Male, Mulatto, Arkansas
Kane, Frank 2 Male, Mulatto, Arkansas
Cox, Martha 45 Female, Black, Keeps House
Cox Marcus 18 Male, Black, Farm Laborer, Arkansas
Cox. Allex 13 Male, Black At Home Arkansas
Mayfield, Phoeby 38 Female, Black, Dom. Servant, Virginia

Robinson, Smith 21, Male, Black, Teamster, Tennessee
Wilson, Ann 18 Female, Black, Keeps House, Tennessee
Leah, Emelie 16, Female, Black, Keeps House Louisiana
Blair, Frank, 22, Male, Black, Hotel Waiter, Tennessee

Birnie, Sue 24 Female, Mulatto, Laundress, Arkansas
Mc Daniel, Ann 19 Female, Black, Laundress, Arkansas
Ford, Robert 25 Male, Mulatto, Private Cook, Washington
Anderson, Ellen 22 Female, Black, Laundress, Kentucky
Anderson, Carry 4 Female, Black, At Home, Missouri

Louis, Sarah 26, Female, Male, Laundress, Kentucky
Louis, Lenora 9 Female, Male, Arkansas
Louis, William 3 Male, Mulatto Arkansas
Louis, George 2, Male, Mulatto, Arkansas

Stuart, George 25 Male, Black Com. Laborer, Arkansas
Haslen, William 19, Female, Black, Arkansas
Haslen, Malinda 26, Female, Black, Keeps House, Arkansas
Haslen, Thos. 9, Male, Black, Arkansas
Scott, Ann 26, Female, Black, Arkansas
Scott, Nilly 3, Female, Black, Arkansas
Speaker, Minnie 3, Female, Black, Arkansas

Williams, Thos. 35 Male, Black, Com. Laborer, Chickasaw Nation
Williams, Martha 31 Female, Black, Keeps House, Tennessee

Green, Ann 18, Female, Black, Keeps House, Arkansas

Fisher, Dick 23 Male, Black, Com. Laborer, Cherokee Nation
Fisher, Eliza 21 Female, White, Keeps House Arkansas

Thompson, Mary 35 Female, Mulatto, Louisiana
Thompson, Ellen 11 Female, Mulatto, Keeps House, Arkansas
Thompson, James 4 Male, Mulatto, At Home, Arkansas
Williams, Amanda 15 Male, Mulatto, At Home, Arkansas
Fisher, Louisa 11mo. Female, Mulatto, Arkansas

Walker, William 23 Male, Black, Barber, Choctaw Nation
Walker, Fanny 20 Female, Black Keeps House, Arkansas
Walker, William 2mo. Male, Black, Arkansas
Waves, Charles 15 Male, Black, Com. Laborer, Cherokee Nation
Fisher, Carolina 10 Female, Black, At Home, Cherokee Nation
William, Fanny 18 Female, Black, Dom. Servant, Cherokee Nation

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